Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger
Super 8 digitalisieren mit Flashscan 8 vom Testsieger

testreel - our individual 'all inclusive' test offer:

we are ready to convince you of our uncompromising quality! for one single 50 feet / 15 meter reel we only charge 19,90 € - even for HD telecine!

our test reel offers complete service for one film reel with up to 120 meter / 400 feet / 25 minutes (8mm) or 60 meter / 200 feet / 5 minutes (16mm) of film. for 39,98 € incl. tax we digitize your film onto DVD or miniDV. see how brilliant 8/16mm telecine service can be today!


as an alternative, you are always welcome to visit our office and get a free sample of your film digitized.

8/16/35mm - price lists

   326 K
   308 K
   239 K

minute prices vs. meter/feet prices

We calculate the transferred film in Minutes. This is easy to check in tape or file length and therefor transparent for our costumers.

In original film speed (18 frames/second) 4,5 meter / 15 feet of Super 8mm film runs about 1 Minute. So our price of 1,90 € per Minute equals 0,42 € per Meter.

we deliver best quality in filmscanning using the latest technology, every single film is handled with utmost care.

how much does my 8/16mm telecine cost?

you can test our telecine service starting at 19,99 € including VAT. just ask for our test reel offer.

for all other orders we can provide you a detailed quote. we need to know how many reels / meter (or minutes) of film you want to digitalize. please call us (+49-30-40505982) or use our request form.


please use our screenshot film calculator if you want to estimate the total duration of your film material.

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